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Rotajet manufacture large drum washing system for waste oil Collection Company.

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently designed, manufactured and installed a large tunnel wash system for washing out 60 litre, 120 litre and 240 litre open top barrels which had previously contained used cooking oil. The drums are loaded onto a 4

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Rotajet supplies automated drum washer to chemical processing sulphuric acid drums

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently supplied an automated drum washing system to a large chemical company processing drum containing sulphuric acid. The machine is designed to wash and rinse the drums with fresh water prior to disposal. The drums

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Rotajet Manufactured and Supplied IBC Dryer to IBC Reconditioing Company

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently supplied a IBC reconditioning company with a RJ-DIBC/1 IBC dryer.

The RJ-DIBC/1 is designed for drying both plastic IBC`s and stainless IBC`s after washing by IBC reconditioning and drum reconditioning

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