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How Rotajet Systems Helps to Deal With Bitumen Contamination

Rotajet Systems Limited has supplied a Rotajet D60-dw Drum Washer for decontaminating bitumen contaminated drums prior to crushing.

The client was a manufacturer of bitumen emulsions. In the manufacture of the emulsions, drums of bitumen based raw materials are decanted into a large mixing vessel. The resulting drums are contaminated with a light coating of bitumen. Due to new regulation changes, the drums now have to be clean prior to crushing, which is why the client contacted Rotajet for a solution.

After a number of trials, it was proven that the D60-dw Drum Washer could do the job. The machine produced very clean drums easily within the required cycle time, resulting in the client ordering the machine.

The machine processes around 80 drums per day, and the bitumen / water effluent is used for the water make up for the emulsions.

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