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Rotajet manufacture large drum washing system for waste oil Collection Company.

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently designed, manufactured and installed a large tunnel wash system for washing out 60 litre, 120 litre and 240 litre open top barrels which had previously contained used cooking oil. The drums are loaded onto a 4 wide tracked belt and are steamed, caustic washed, water rinsed and final water rinsed both inside and outside. The machine is fully enclosed and the operations are controlled via a PLC fitted with HMI, once processed the barrels exit the washer and are transferred to a powered roller track which feeds a pallet packing area. The internal sumps of the machine is steam heated and the used washing liquors are reused and recycled , the final water rinse is automatically monitored for pH level and adjusted accordingly. The drum washing system washes between 800 and 1200 barrels and drum per shift.

Rotajet manufacturers a full range of drum washing equipment and barrel washing equipment used throughout industry for washing and decontaminating drums and barrels