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Rotajet Manufactured a Wheelie Bin Washing Machine For AD Facility

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently completed the installation of a large wheelie bin washing machine in an AD facility in London.

The machine is used for washing and rinsing wheelie bins that are contaminated with residues of waste food. The client collects the wheelie bins from restaurants and other food producers around the London area. Once back on site, the bins are emptied and the waste food is processed. Before the bins can be returned they need to be cleaned and disinfected. The machine has a double track and will wash and rinse two wheelie bins every 30 to 40 seconds depending on the contamination.

Prior to the installation of the machine the client was manually cleaning the bins with a pressure washer, which was not only slow, but also energy and water hungry and could not achieve the throughputs required. The machine is gas heated and is manufactured fully from stainless steel.

Rotajet manufacture a range a batch wheelie bin washing machines and also fully automated wheelie bin washing machines used in variety of different industries.