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Rotajet Manufactured and Supplied IBC Dryer to IBC Reconditioing Company

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently supplied a IBC reconditioning company with a RJ-DIBC/1 IBC dryer.

The RJ-DIBC/1 is designed for drying both plastic IBC`s and stainless IBC`s after washing by IBC reconditioning and drum reconditioning companies. The machine can be retro fitted into an existing IBC Washing line, or can be used as a standalone dryer. It uses a high efficiency heater to warm the air to 150oC, which is then blown at high volume into the IBC`s. Used air is then transferred via a heat exchanger back into the IBC for reuse. The machine typically dries an IBC in 5-6 minutes.

If higher throughputs are required, several machines can be used in series.



Rotajet manufacture a range of machinery for the IBC reconditioning and drum reconditioning industry. From simple stand alone IBC washers and Drum Washers, to Multi-Stage IBC Reconditioning lines and Drum Reconditioning lines, incorporating IBC Washers and Drum washers, IBC Rinses and Drum rinses, IBC Pressure Testers and Drum Pressure Testers, IBC dryers and Drum Dryers.