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Rotajet Manufactured Batch Drum Washing Machine for Washing Open Top Drums Contaminated with Used Engine Oil.

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently supplied a Barrel Washing Machine for removal of used engine oil from open top drums.

The drums are used for collection of used oil filters from garages and service centres. The barrels are emptied and require cleaning prior to sending back out for refilling.

Before the installation of the Rotajet Drum Washer, the barrels were cleaned using a pressure washer and two operators. This was time consuming, required large amounts of water, energy and produced large volumes of oily water waste liquors.

The Rotajet D60-dw washes and rinses 4 x 205 litre open top barrels per cycle. The Drum Washer is fully enclosed and washes the drums inside and out using a environmentally friendly detergent. Once used, the washing and rinsing liquors are filtered and returned to the bulk storage tanks for reheating and reuse.

The increased production and reduced effluents has achieved a 9 months payback on the machinery.



Rotajet manufacture a full range of drum washing equipment and barrel washing machinery used throughout industry for processing waste containers.