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Rotajet manufacturer drum washing machine and IBC washing machine for container reconditioning company.

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently installed a drum washing system for washing 25 litre containers and a IBC washing machine for washing 1000 litre and 600 litre IBC`s. The 25 litre drum washing machine will process 16 containers per batch with a wash cycle time of typically 5 minutes. The containers are contaminated with a variety of different chemicals from simple surfactants to peroxides and chlorines. The operator loads the containers and closes the pneumatic door, the cycle is then started. At the end of the cycle the extraction fan is engaged and the washing cabinet is vented of steam before the operator can open the door. Once opened, the operator removes the clean containers and stacks them on pallets ready for despatch and reuse. The machine is processing between 3500 to 4000 containers per week. The IBC washer is used for washing out IBC prior to refilling, the machine works using a high pressure pump and rotating nozzle, typically it washes the IBC`s at a pressure of 120-130 BAR, with a cycle time of around 5 minutes depending on the contamination. The used water is filtered and reused, and fresh water is used at the end of the cycle to rinse the containers. Typically 10-12 litre of fresh water is used to clean 1 IBC depending on contamination. Rotajet manufacture a range of both batch drum washing and IBC washing machines and also continuous machines for high throughputs. Typically machines are non-Atex and use water based cleaning media, but Atex machines are also available.