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Rotajet modular IBC washing machines used by hazardous waste companies for decontaminating IBC`s.

Rotajet has recently supplied a number of hazardous waste companies with IBC washing machinery used for the removal of oils, inks and paints etc…after decanting the IBC. The IBC`s are wash prior to sending back out to customers. The standard Rotajet IBC washing station is manufactured as a modular unit; this allows further modules such as IBC dryers and IBC pressure testers to be added in the future. The Rotajet IBC washer is fitted with a rotating IBC cleaning nozzle; this is powered by either electric or fluid driven. The IBC cleaning nozzle is fitted with two knifes jets with rotate 360o in both X and Y axis. The IBC washing system can be used with either hot or cold water, the system is fitted with chemical injector which allows the IBC to be washed initially with a detergent solution, then after a pre-programmed cycle time, the chemical injector stops and the IBC is rinsed with fresh water. Typically the IBC washer will wash and rinse an IBC in 5-10 minutes depending on the level of contamination. For customers wishing to use flammable solvents to wash IBC`s, Rotajet manufacturer Atex certified IBC washing machinery.

The Rotajet RJ-IW2 is used for washing low volumes of IBC`s typically  up to 6 per hour,  for higher throughput requirement, Rotajet manufacture fully automated lBC washing lines, which will wash, rinse,  and pressure  test hundreds of IBC`s per day.

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