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Rotajet Supplied ATEX Solvent Washer to Car Paint Manufacturer

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently manufactured and installed a Rotajet TL-DR-55-Atex Washer for a car paint manufacturer.

The machine is used for washing 205 litre / 45 gallon drums that has been used for mixing small paint batches. It replaces the previous system of manually cleaning the drums, which could take anything from 15-20 minutes and a considerable amount of solvent, as well as potential exposure of operator to VOC`s.

The machine works is enclosed and once loaded, the machine washes and evacuates the chamber of solvent vapour before the operator can remove the drums. Typically the cycle time is below only 5 minutes.

Since the machine has been installed, the customer has had an amazing 80% reduction cleaning solvent usage.


Rotajet Atex pail washing machine

Rotajet Systems Limited manufacture a range of IBC Atex washing machines, Tote Atex washing machine, Atex drum washing machines and small Atex container washing machines.