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Rotajet supplies automated drum washer to chemical processing sulphuric acid drums

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently supplied an automated drum washing system to a large chemical company processing drum containing sulphuric acid. The machine is designed to wash and rinse the drums with fresh water prior to disposal. The drums have previously contained 80% sulphuric acid, and are nominally empty.
The machine is fitted with a automated loading system that locates the bung over the initial caustic prewash station, after prewashing, the drum is then transferred through two additional washes and two rinses, that ensures the acidic contamination in the drum has been fully neutralized and rinsed with fresh water.
The Rotajet drum washing station transfers the drums through the system using a walking beam conveyor, this ensures precise location over the rotating cleaning nozzles every time.
The machine processes 1 drum per minute and requires one operator to run the machine.

Rotajet manufacture a range of drum washing and IBC washing machines for further information please contact us.