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Why Rotajet Machines Are Great Environmental Solution and How They Help to Save Thousands of Pounds in Disposal Costs

A hazardous waste specialist has installed and commissioned a new container washing plant in London.

The plant integrates one of Rotajet’s D60-dw Multi-Stage Washing Machines to remove hazardous waste residue from steel and plastic drums and containers, enabling them to be reused or sold as scrap. This process provides an ideal environmental solution, and also saves many thousands of pounds per annum in disposal costs. The purchase of the D60-dw Drum Washing Machine offers the advantage of making perfect environmental and economic sense. This is supported by research undertaken by Rotajet, which revealed that the costs incurred by companies disposing of hazardous containers into landfill can exceed £60,000 per annum; and these costs are rising all the time. Moreover, added to the cost issue is the fact that a disposal strategy based upon landfill is not environmentally desirable or sustainable.

Rotajet tunnel drum washing machine

A much more environmentally conscious solution is provided by Rotajet’s range of standard – and bespoke - drum, pan and IBC & Tote cleaning machines. These wash and decontaminate hazardous waste containers, enabling them to be refilled and reused, or recycled cost effectively as scrap. The D60-dw Drum Washing Machine provides a comprehensive recycling technology using high pressure, temperature, and chemical treatment techniques to clean and recover both steel and plastic packaging (from Winchesters to IBC’s).

The washing process involves cleaning solutions being pumped at high pressure, and flow through multiple knife jets to achieve total coverage of the containers. The used solution is then returned to recirculating sumps to be filtered and heated ready for reuse. The cleaning process is totally automatic; the D60-dw dum wash machine having fully programmable cycles, which can be changed according to the type of contamination being removed. Moreover the washing process is carried out in a closed system, thus minimising health and safety issues. As said by Colin Steward of Rotajet Systems

“The advantage of the D60-dw over other machines is the flexibility that we have built into the machine. The standard D60-dw will clean 1 x 1000 litre IBC; 4 x 200 litre drums - bung and open top – and 16 x 25 litre containers per cycle. Moreover, if a customer wants to clean a different size container, Rotajet will manufacture a new work basket to accommodate it.”



Rotajet provides full turnkey packages across its range of drum washerspail washerstote washerIBC washers and barrel washing systemsRotajet manufacture not only stand alone systems but also multi stage systems for large volume producers.

This includes design and manufacture of the machines themselves, water-based chemicals, guarding, and transportation to site, installation and commissioning. The company also provides bespoke designs to customer specifications; such as bespoke systems that integrate combined drum and IBC washing systems within a single machine, and also stainless steel pan washers for the food industry.