Rotajet Clean-N-Crush

The Rotajet Clean and crush will wash and crush contaminated drums in one operation. This is an easy option to dispose of drums quickly, safely and to also generate a return from the clean residual steel or plastic.

Why use Clean-n-Crush:

Drum washer and crusher

Key Features:

  • Quick and safe disposal of contaminated drums
  • Automatic washing and crushing process.
  • All wetted areas manufactured from stainless steel 304 (316 can be used price TBA)
  • Programable HMI
  • Atex version available
  • Residual contaminates and wash liquors contained.
  • Revenue achieved from cleaned steel or plastic

How does it work?

Loading the machine:

Firstly the operator selects “steel” or “plastic”  drums and  which wash cycle from the fully programable HMI. Then, the drums are to be loaded into the machine with the bungs in place. The door is closed and the safety interlock is engaged.

The wash cycle:

The “start” button is pressed on the HMI and the hydraulic system will engage. The piercing lance punches through the top of the drum, travels down through the drum to pierce a hole at the bottom. this is to allow residual liquid to drain. This is collected into a stainless-steel holding vessel beneath the drum.

As the piercing lance is retracted up through the drum, the wash cycle begins.  The internal surface of the drum is cleaned using a high-pressure wash liquor (typically water) via knife jets located within the piercing lance.

The used wash liquor drains through the punched hole into the holding vessel and is drawn away as effluent.


After the wash cycle, the hydraulic ram will crush the drum and reduce it down to a maximum height of 200mm.

Once the cycle ends, the “cycle over” light will engage and the interlocked door can now be opened.  and processed drums removed and recycled.

Ideal for:

Hazardous waste
Chemical and pharmaceuticals