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Multi-stage IBC Dryer / Tote Dryer


IBC drying and Tote drying systems for processing large volumes of containers


Rotajet Multi-stage IBC Dryer / Tote Dryer

Rotajet manufacture multistage IBC drying stations and Tote drying stations. The multistage drying machines are used for final drying of IBC`s and Totes after washing, the drying avoids any contamination to water sensitive products. The multistage units are used in continuous IBC washing and Tote washing reconditioning companies where the containers are processed in large volumes.

The Rotajet RJ DIBC/1ms is fitted with a high volume air blower, the blower in lowered into the IBC or Tote via. A pneumatic cylinder automatically, this is controlled by the PLC.) The drying cycle is started and a high volume blower transfer’s air at high volume into the IBC or Tote container, the expelled air is channelled into a heat exchanger chamber and reused.

The reuse of the air, allows the system to rapidly heat the air to between 105-110oC. For large multistage stage systems the IBC`s are typically dried for 1-2 minutes before moving onto to the next drying section. In a large IBC or Tote reconditioning company the multistage may have up to 5 drying sections, depending on the washing and rinsing capabilities of the line.