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Rotajet Drum Crushers


Rotajet drum crusher for processing washed steel containers


Rotajet Drum Crushers

Rotajet Drum Crusher for 55 gallonRotajet drum crushing machineRotajet drum crusher


Rotajet manufacture drum crushers for size reduction of cleaned steel drums, barrels, pails and buckets.

Built to crush barrels or drums, it can also crush bins and cans, forming a small bale. Our drum crushing machines are supplied for 207 litres (it will also crush 60 & 25 litre steel drums).  The designated standard drum crusher’s machines are provided with IP 54 protection. The top pressing plate, coupled to the hydraulic ram of the Rotajet drum crusher, is fitted with penetration lugs, causing holes when pressure is exerted to release any gas, whilst the filler cap is removed for oil or extraneous liquid to disperse when the drum is presented. Discharge of fluid is phased into a channel leading to a 20mm diameter pipe outlet 200mm long at the front of the base plate. The Rotajet drum crushes to approx. 100mm to 160mm, ideal for skips or transport.


The standard specification for the machine:

Force: 15000kg/f (15 tons)
Motor Power: 3.0 kW 3phase/50Hz
Force: 9,000 kg/f
Cylinder Stroke: 880 mm
Max. Time Cycle: 33 sec
Crushing Chamber Dimensions: H920 x W650 x D650 mm
External Dimensions: H1900/closed x W1030 x D840 mm
Weight: 520 Kg