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Wheelie Bin Washers


Rotajet stand alone and multi-stage wheelie bin washers


Rotajet Wheelie bin washers

Rotajet wheelie bin washerRotajet wheelie bin washing


Rotajet manufacture both stand alone and multistage wheelie washers, the machines are supplied for washing 120 litre, 240 litre, 660 litre and 1200 litre bins.
The standalone wheelie bin washing machines are for cleaning batch cleaning bins, the machine use heated water detergents pumped are high pressure through a rotating spray bar fitted with 30o knife jets, the spray reciprocates back and forth to achieve total cleaning coverage of the wheelie bin. The stand alone wheelie bin washers are fitted with integral sumps which are filtered to increase the working life of the cleaning solution. The sumps can be heated by electric, steam or gas. The standard stand alone wheelie bin washer is fitted with a wash and rinse, but we can also incorporate a third final rinse and also a wheelie bin drying stage. The machine can be also fitted with an inverter to turn the wheelie bin over prior to cleaning. The stand alone machine is generally used for throughput`s of up to 6 wheelie bins per hour.

For companies that want to wash large numbers of wheelie bins, Rotajet manufacture a Tunnel washing  type machine. The wheelie bins are loaded into the in feed position and the wheelie bin is inverter into the upside down, and transfers into the Rotajet wheelie bin tunnel washer. The wheelie bin is transferred through the washer using plastic conveyor chain.

Depending on the application required, the tunnel washers can be fitted with:

1) Primary wash, this removes the bulk of the contamination
2) Detergent wash, removes oils, greases etc…
3) Water rinse
4) Fresh water rinse
5) Sanitize
6) Dry

The length of the overall machine will be determined by the throughput requirement and the specification of the cleaning requirement.
Rotajet manufacture the wheelie bin washers with integral liquid sumps which can be heated by steam, electric or gas. All machines are fitted with PLC and temperatures, pressures etc…are all logged for traceability.

Rotajet have manufactured wheelie bin washers for the waste companies, hazardous waste companies, oil filter recycling companies, and many more.

Rotajet wheelie bin washer single stage