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Container washing is made simple with Rotajet’s range of IBC, Drum, and Small Container Washers. From cleaning one container, up to hundreds of containers per day, we have reconditioning machines and automated washing systems that can be configured to clean a wide variety of contaminants and substances. 




Our IBC washing systems have been built for use by a wide range of industry applications across the globe. Managing everything from washing and drying to pressure testing and crushing, our IBC washing machines and ATEX certified IBC washing systems are fully equipped to recondition IBCs-

With each IBC washing line that we install being trialled and tested at our facility, you can be assured that your machine will run smoothly from the second it is installed. To give you extra peace-of-mind, our engineers will handle the installation of every IBC washing system, and even teach your operators how to keep the machine in tip-top condition.

To meet the demands of the industry, a Rotajet IBC washing system can be built with a number of stages to suit different cleaning needs. For the standalone IBC washer, these stages can include; a single-stage wash (RJ-IW/1C), and single-stage rinse (RJ-IW/1), or a two-stage wash and rinse (RJ-IW/2).


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Drum washers offered by Rotajet provide the ideal solution to washing drums sizing between 60 and 220L. With our range of available attachments, each machine we offer can be fully adapted and optimised to clean the size of drum that you require. Also available as ATEX Drum Washers, our machines are designed to cover a wide variety of applications, and across a broad range of industries.  

Built to manage everything from drum washing and drying to testing and crushing, our modular machines can either be used as standalone systems or integrated into your existing drum washing line.

For small containers holding up to 60L, our small container washing machines can wash as many as 576 pails in one shift. 

With the optimised use of chemical dosing and freshwater, our machines can wash small containers that have been used for a broad range of applications, across a range of industries. For small containers like paint and ink cans, our range of ATEX pail machinery is fully equipped with extra measures that will ensure the safety of your operator. 

So no matter your application, our dedicated team is always on hand to manage your specific requests.



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About Rotajet

As a industrial washer manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience, Rotajet have the expert knowledge and experience needed to understand the complexities involved in washing containers. That’s why our drum and small container washing range is built to handle all sizes up to 220L: also available as ATEX machines for the removal of paints, inks and other surface coatings, these container washing solutions are designed to suit a broad range of applications whilst ensuring that no cross-contamination occurs. 

In addition to our container washing systems, our solutions also cover a range of IBC, drum and barrel leak testing, and crushing machines. With an intelligently modular design, these products can be integrated with our other machines to make a fully comprehensive reconditioning line. For drums, IBCs, and containers that are no longer suitable for reuse, our recycling systems can clean them ready for resale into the plastic recycling market, so that landfill costs can be kept to a minimum. 

Needing very little operator supervision, our machines remove the hazards involved with manually cleaning IBCs, drums and containers. With the optimised use of freshwater and wash chemical, our container washing solutions are built to meet UN cleaning standards whilst also reducing costs of water and cleaning chemicals. 

Contact Rotajet about container washing equipment

Rotajet Systems Ltd. are a UK based manufacturer of drum washing, IBC washing and pail washing equipment. We supply and service machinery throughout the world, either directly from the UK, or via approved agencies and working partners.


As manufacturers of ATEX equipment, at Rotajet the health and safety of the machine operator is always at the forefront of our minds. The careful and precise design and manufacturing of our ATEX machinery provides the utmost safety, both to the environment and to the workforce. 

That’s why our ATEX Drum WashersIBC Washers and Parts Washers are fully equipped to handle combustible substances without the need for operator input. 

With full design studies undertaken, Rotajet will assess your unique situation in order to select and optimise the ideal cleaning solution for your needs: one which will critically ensure the health and safety of your workforce.

As a part of our full design study, we will assess your type and levels of contamination to ensure that your ATEX Washing Machine will remove the specific contamination. With every ATEX machine that we supply also fitted with safety locks as standard, we have taken every necessary measure to making our machines safe for use.

With these extra precautions taken to secure each machine, you can have peace of mind that your ATEX Washing Machine will reduce the risks involved with ATEX environments by adhering to ATEX regulations.

Pressure testing drums and IBCs can be a critical stage of the drum and IBC reconditioning process. Not only is this a necessary step to avoiding spillages of the contained material and therefore loss of product, but in some cases could be a critical step in the prevention of avoidable health and safety risks. In addition to this, the regular testing of drum and IBCs is required by legislation which, if not adhered to, can lead to a fine of up to £5,000.

When a drum or an IBC fails a pressure test, they can not be used again for transporting goods. What can we do to retrieve the value in the material and prevent it ending up in landfill.

Recycling drums and IBCs can be an extremely lucrative process if managed correctly; as well as being an environmentally-friendly alternative to landfilling. 

Rotajet manufactures a complete range of plastic recycling systems that can manage this process from start to finish, allowing for turning the unusable containers into a profitable material. 

When producing only low volumes of unusable containers, it is unlikely that recycling them in house will be profitable. In this situation the best solution is to wash the container prior to safe disposal or to sell on to a local plastic recycler. 

With the standard drum and IBC made out of HDPE, not only is this a highly sought after plastic type within the recycling market, but can also be a highly profitable commodity: making it a worthwhile and cost-effective product to resell into the market.

For more information on plastic recycling solutions and products, visit our dedicated site.

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container washing
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container washing

Container Washing

Rotajet produces a full range of modular machinery for washing small containers. The video below shows the RJ-CW-24/25; a 24 position solution to washing small containers.

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