loaded with steel and plastic drums

RJ-DW2: Twin Position Drum Washer​

The RJ-DW2 is a twin position machine with two independently operating wash chambers. This split design allows the operator to stagger the wash cycles, reducing reload time. The machine is fitted with jigs to hold drum sizes between 60L and 210L.

RJ-DW2: Drum Washer Operation

The flexibility of the RJ-DW series allows Rotajet to provide the ideal solution for your situation no matter the volume or level contamination present. This twin position drum washer is a great choice for companies using up to 160 drums per day with multiple types of contaminants.

With a fully integrated PLC this machine is fitted with several features to improve the longevity of the machine. Low water detection and automatic refill ensures the motors are protected should the wash liquor falls below critical levels.

To ensure the operators are fully protected throughout the washing process interlocks are engaged throughout and, prior to their release excess steam and vapours are expelled which also aids in flash drying the container.

To ensure complete coverage of the internal surfaces rotating spray bars are used. These electrically driven nozzles rotate freely 360° over both the X and Y axis.

Supplied with fresh water as standard this machine can be fitted with actuated valves to facilitate dosing of caustic or detergent to provide chemical cleaning action.

These features make the RJ-DW2 an ideal choice whether you are washing open or closed-topped steel or HDPE drums no matter the contamination present.

loaded with steel and plastic drums

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Drum Washing

Rotajet produces a full range of machines to wash, test and crush drums. The video below shows the RJ-DW1 Single Position Drum washer; a modular solution to cleaning drums. 

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