Batch IBC Washers

Rotajet manufacture a series of single stage IBC and tote washing systems. These machines are generally used for IBC or tote decontamination prior to reuse or disposal.

Remove contaminants with our batch IBC washers

IBC Washers and Tote Washers use water to remove any chemical residues left in the IBC or Tote. The machines can either be washed with heated wash liquor or ambient liquor for the IBC or Tote cleaning operation. Usually, the ambient solution is used for water-based residues, and heated caustic liquor for non-water based residues.

Rotajet offers our IBC Washers and Tote Washers with a single stage wash, two-stage wash and rinse, or three stage wash, rinse and final rinse. The machines are fitted with integral sumps which contain the washing and rinsing cleaning liquids. These sumps are fitted with coarse and fine filtration that prolongs the operating life of the working solutions.

What is more, the Rotajet IBC Washing and Tote Washing machines are also fitted with high pressure rotating spray nozzles that give total cleaning coverage within the drum or barrel ensuring the containers are completely clean. The nozzles typically clean at around 150-170 Bar.


Rotajet also manufactures a range of Atex IBC washers and Tote Washers which can be found at our dedicated ATEX container washing site.


For companies wishing to wash large volumes of IBC`s and Totes please go to our automated systems.


Rotajet are the experts in the design and manufacture of cleaning and degreasing machinery. We’ve worked with some of the worlds biggest brands to create automated systems to recondition containers ready for reuse.