RJ-DW1: Single Position Drum Washer

Rotajet manufacture a full range of drum washing, drying, pressure testing and crushing systems to facilitate high throughput rates in large drum reconditioning and repurposing businesses. With over 500 machines currently in use worldwide Rotajet are the experts in drum washing and reconditioning machinery.






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Drum Washers

The RJ-DW1 single position washing machine is a robustly constructed integral fabrication from stainless steel plate. The machine comprises of a wash chamber capable of holding 220L, 120L and 25L set above a wash liquor sump. This versatile machine is an ideal choice for companies who require less than 80  containers recondition within one work day. As the RJ-DW1 has a footprint under 3m3 it is particularly useful for situations where space is a defining factor.

Supplied with fresh, cold water as standard, cleaning quality can be improved by adding heating or chemical dosing. The water or wash liquor is sprayed at a nominal 5 – 6 BAR. The rotating “vee” spray pattern ensures complete coverage of the drum.

We understand that safety of your operators is one of the key motivating factors when deciding to purchase a drum washer. To protect the worker from any contact with hazardous materials, interlocks are engaged throughout the wash cycle.

The RJ-DW1 drum washer can remove contaminants from a
wide range of components safely, efficiently and with
very little supervision. Once manually loaded, the door is
closed and the cycle starts and 360° rotating spray nozzles
ensure all contamination is removed from the interior
surfaces of the container.

The steam extraction fan is wired into the control circuit such
that it operates after the wash cycle or when the stop
button is pressed. When the extraction fan is energised the
air inlet at rear of the machine will open, allowing air into
the machine wash chamber and assisting with flashing
drying the product.

The machine door is operated via a level and push button
located on the left hand side of the machine. Making the
RJ-DW1 easy to use as well as protecting your operators
from needless manual handling.

single position drum washer

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