Container Washer: RJ-CW 12/25

In this two-stage container washer design, the machine utilises a chemical wash stage to remove heavy contamination. Through this chemical action, as well as the physical impingement caused by the powerful spray heads, 12 pails are able to be spotlessly washed in just one cycle. To ensure a complete clean the cycle is followed by a freshwater rinse to remove any remaining residues. 

25L container washer

RJ-CW 12/25 Features

12 position allows up to 576 pails to be washed in one shift 

Powerful 360° rotating wash nozzles for 100% coverage

Fully adaptable cycle times and temperature control 

Stainless Steel construction 

Easy removal of any sump solids contamination with the clean-out doors

Safety interlocks for user safety 

How RJ-CW 12/25 operates

1. Loading the Machine

First the contaminated pails are loaded into the wash chamber by an operator. The pails are easily placed over the jet spray heads which ensures the pails have a complete washing coverage. With 360° rotation on every nozzle, this process guarantees cleaning quality throughout.

Once loaded and the door is closed and the safety interlocks are engaged, the cycle can now begin.

2. The Wash Cycle

The decontamination process begins with a wash cycle which is fully programmable in the PLC to control cycle times and the temperature. This custom feature allows you to adapt the operation when needed to suit the pail type and contamination present.

The cycle uses a combination of caustic or detergents with the physical action of the 360° spray heads blasting away contamination from the surface of the pails. Together they provide a thorough coverage and a consistent clean.

3. Rinse Cycle

To finish, the cycle is completed with a clean fresh rinse cycle. This stage  flushes any remaining residue that may be present from the surface of the container and ensures optimum results.


Operation and Downtime

This powerful container washer can wash up 576 pails in a single shift and as such is suitable for the largest reconditioning companies. For a smaller scale solution see our 9 position pail washer here.

Downtime on any machine can create significant problems within any operation. With that in mind, clean-out doors are provided to allow for easy removal of any solid contamination that may accumulate in the sump. This coupled with its robust stainless steel construction, low water detection, and filtration makes the RJ-CW 12/25 a machine that can be relied upon in the most demanding industrial applications.

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Container Washing

Rotajet produces a full range of modular machinery for washing small containers. The video below shows the RJ-CW-24/25; a 24 position solution to washing small containers.

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