RJ-DW-D60: Multi-Size Container Washer​

This machine is ideal for companies wishing to wash multiple sized containers and other tools and equipment in the same wash cycle. A full range of contaminated items can be placed in the basket and simply wheeled into the wash chamber when full.

Drum washing for multi-sized drums

RJ-DW-D60: Drum Washer Operation

The RJ-DW-D60 is an extremely versatile machine boasting a range of features fitted as standard. Unlike the rest of the RJ-DW series this machine has an integrated basket which is loaded with containers prior to being rolled into the wash chamber. 

To reduce running costs this machine has course and fine filtration fitted as standard. Centrifugal pumps, sited under the cleaning area, directs the cleaning and rinsing solutions into a common distribution system. This system is designed to divide the flow between the right and left-hand spray nozzles, ensuring an even pressure.

To improve the cleaning quality optional heating may be added which can help vastly reduce the cycle times. A common temperature control thermostat is in one of the sump heater terminal housings that is clearly marked, the temperature control is variable from 40 to 120°C. 

The RJ-DW-D60 is an extremely popular model and has been installed all over the world removing hazardous chemicals from containers. With 30 years since this model came to market we understand how to get the best life out of our machines and have incorporated many features to keep the machine in the best condition.

Drum washing for multi-sized drums
dirty oil barrels

A low-level safety device is incorporated in the control circuit to prevent damage occurring to the heating elements should the sump level be allowed to get to low.  A red indicator light on the panel door will illuminate at low water and the machine must not be used again until the water level is replenished.

Once the cycle has finished the extraction fan is energised and the air inlet at rear of the machine will open, allowing air into the machine wash chamber and assisting with flashing drying the product.To ensure the machine can easily be maintained cleanout doors are easily accessible to allow for the removal of solid contamination from the sumps and wash camber. 

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Drum Washing

Rotajet produces a full range of machines to wash, test and crush drums. The video below shows the RJ-DW1 Single Position Drum washer; a modular solution to cleaning drums. 

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