Container Washer: RJ-CW 9/25

In the two-stage design the machine utilises a chemical wash stage to remove heavy contamination through both chemical action and the physical impingement caused by the spray heads. This is then followed by a freshwater rinse to remove any remaining residues. 

view the RJ-CW 9/25

RJ-CW 9/25

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RJ-CW 12/25

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Operation of the container washer

As the operator loads the machine each container is placed over its dedicated spray head to ensure all interior surfaces are covered, achieving an even cleaning quality throughout. Once the machine is loaded, the door is closed, and the safety interlocks are engaged. The machine is then automatically taken through a pre-programmed cycle and once complete the steam and vapours are expelled through the exhaust, assisting in the products air drying.

With 30 years’ experience in chemical degreasing we understand the complexity of our customers requirements. That is why all our container washers can be adjusted to remove oils, surfactants, acids and alkalis by adjusting the wash liquor, cycle times and temperatures. If you require a solvent wash or are dealing with combustible materials the machine can be fabricated to ATEX standards so that your operator are safe no matter the hazardous nature of the chemicals used.

To increase the longevity of the machine low-water protection and course filtration is included as standard. This coupled with regular maintenance, facilitated by the provided clean-out doors, makes the RJ-CW 9/25 suitable for even the most demanding industrial applications.

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Rotajet are the experts in the design and manufacture of cleaning and degreasing machinery. We’ve worked with some of the worlds biggest brands to create automated systems to recondition containers ready for reuse.

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Container Washing

Rotajet produces a full range of modular machinery for washing small containers. The video below shows the RJ-CW-24/25; a 24 position solution to washing small containers.

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