IBC Dryer

Drying IBCs is important to avoid the contamination of water sensitive products with our single stage or amultistage IBC/Tote dryer.

Single Stage Tote & IBC Dryer - RJ-DIBC/1

Rotajet manufacture stand-alone IBC dryers and Tote drying stations. These machines are used for the final drying of IBCs and Totes once washed, avoiding any contamination to water sensitive products.

The Rotajet RJ DIBC/1 is fitted with a high volume air blower which is lowered by the operator into the container with a pneumatic cylinder. The drying cycle is started and a high volume blower transfers air into the container.

To increase energy efficiency the expelled air is channelled into a heat exchanger chamber and reused. This recirculation allows the system to rapidly heat the air to between 105-110°C, which dries the IBC or Tote in approximately 5-6 minutes.

IBC air dryer
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Rotajet are the experts in the design and manufacture of cleaning and degreasing machinery. We’ve worked with some of the worlds biggest brands to create automated systems to recondition containers ready for reuse.