Tipping IBC Vacuum Station

Ideal for use at the beginning of an IBC reconditioning line and after an interior IBC washing stage, this tipping vac station is designed to vacuum out any liquid that has collected at the base of the IBC or tote, especially where a high throughput rate is required.

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IBC Suction Station

Manufactured with a pull-down vacuum arm, this machine can be manually operated with ease. In addition, the electronically-powered foot pedal allows for the IBC to be tipped into place and easy to reach.

As a quick and cost-efficient solution to drying, the tipping vac station offers the preliminary dewatering of IBCs prior to the thermal drying stage. As a result, this can reduce operational costs and increase the efficiency of the later stages of reconditioning.

Overview of use:

Due to the far-reaching capabilities of the tipping vac station, it can be the ideal solution for use across a range of uses and industrial applications. From food and beverage companies to paints and inks manufacturers, and whether preparing IBCs for reuse or recycling, water-removal is a necessary stage to incorporate into IBC reconditioning lines across the industry.

With the high level or accuracy provided by the tipping vac station, the thermal drying stage of the process can be reduced by minutes, thus increasing the overall throughput rate of the reconditioning line copiously.

Operation of Machine:

With simple-to-use controls, this tipping vac station can be operated with ease, in very little time. After being rotated into position using the electronically-power foot pedal the vacuum arm can be simply pulled down and into the IBC, to be switched on using the ‘start’ button on the machine control panel.

Once the drying cycle is complete, the vacuum arm can be manually replaced into the start position with the aid of a spring, whilst the ‘stop’ button on the control panel will turn off the vacuum.

With each cycle taking just a few minutes, the tipping vac station is the ideal way to prepare IBCs for thermal drying, and can drastically increase the efficiency of the next stages in the reconditioning line.

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