IBC Reconditioning

Recondition IBCs at an unbelievable rate with our fully automated, turn key, continuous IBC washing systems

IBC Reconditioning with the RJ-IW-Auto

 Rotajet manufactures a range of continuous systems for reconditioning IBCs & Totes. The RJ-IW-Auto is a fully modular system and therefore can be scaled to suit the nature of your business. In typically situations the RJ-IW-Auto consists of independent stages linked  by the RJ-IRT1 IBC Transfer systems. 

Generally, in large scale reconditioning plants, the IBCs and Totes are initially drained of all excess chemical residues, the containers are then transferred to external inspection and wash, the external wash removes all external labels and stubborn stains.

Water is delivered at 120BAR at ambient temperature as standard, option heating as well as water filtration is available on the RJ-IWE

After external wash and inspection the IBC is transported via our IBC transfer systems to an internal wash station. Depending on the typical contaminants present either a caustic solution or aqueous detergent is delivered at 180BAR to remove all contaminants and residues.

To increase the efficiency of the cleaning process options are available to deliver heated solution as well as filter and recirculate the liquor for reuse.

To guarantee no cross contamination occurs we normally advise an RJ-IW/1 is used as a final rinse stage.

Fresh water with a flow rate of 11L/min is delivered at high pressure (180BAR) removing any remaining contaminants as well as any remaining wash liquor.

To avoid loss of material we would encourage an RJ-IPT is included into any IBC reconditioning line. This efficient pressure tester automatically checks for any fail points in the IBC, ensuring they will not leak when put back in use.

Hot air drying is used for the final drying of the IBC and Totes.  Rotajet IBC and Tote dryers use an air recirculation system via a heat exchanger chamber to reheat used air. This reduces operating costs and increases drying times.

The IBC washer and Tote washers manufactured by Rotajet are fitted with PLC and can be controlled by a remote operator. The pH of storage tanks and temperatures are data logged and controlled and all of the containers process routes are recorded for traceability.

If very high throughput rates are required each of the below stages may contain multiple sections allowing many vessels to be decontaminated simultaneously.

If you would like more information about how a Rotajet continuous IBC/Tote washer can drastically increase the throughput rate of your reconditioning process please get in touch on the link below.

IBC Reconditioning Line
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