HPDE Chemical Drums Washing for a Circular Solution

With so much talk about plastic recycling it is easy to forget that both reducing and reusing are more effective ways of reducing the carbon footprint of the plastic we use.  Rotajet Systems offer a circular solutions with a full range of industrial equipment to reduce a company’s expenditure, whilst reducing the carbon footprint of their operation.

Rotajet’s Irish agent, Acme Systems, have recently completed the installation of a RJ-CW9/25 pail and 205 litre drum washer to their customer, a Pharmaceutical company in Blanchardstown, Dublin, for just this task.

About the Machine

The RJ-CW 9/25 has been installed in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility to decontaminate and wash chemical containers and drums in preparation for their safe disposal. With the use of powerful 360 degree spray washers, this machine is able to wash away contaminants inside the containers with high pressured water. This process can take as little as 30-60 seconds per 9×25 litre containers.

RJ-CW_9-25 - 3D Drawing (

Less manual handling is required as the integral roller tracks inside the machine seamlessly slides the loading basket into a wheeled trolly. This makes loading the washer to be easy, quick, simple and most importantly, safe, which is essential when handling chemicals.

The pharmaceutical company has now been added to the list of establishments this machine has been installed at including companies such as AkzoNobel, Crown Paints, Lush, Sherwin Williams, Crane Currency, DeLaRue, Pfizer and many more.

Container Disposal

Disposing of containers can be a tricky process. It is essential that the plastics are well cleaned to prevent the rest of the disposed waste becoming contaminated. Outside washing companies can be time reliant and costly. Having the CW 9/25 on site minimises time and external costs of having containers washed.  This machine ensures that chemical containers are cleaned to a high standard in order to be processed for recycling or reuse.

Reuse over Recycle

Although recycling always seems to be the best solution for our environment, reusing is always a much more efficient alternative. To reuse plastic before recycling will minimise the energy and resources required to re-process the material again. Reusing before recycling will extend the lifetime of the plastic as most plastics can only be recycled a certain about of times before it becomes weaker and not fit for use. Reusing in large quantities will reduce the need for new virgin plastics  and in turn help combat the plastic pollution we face today.

Who are Acme?

Acme are Rotajet’s Irish agents based in Swords, Dublin. They supply high quality Rotajet equipment and machinery for recycling, waste handling, degreasing,  surface coatings

Rotajet are proud to be a part of a wider global solution that support the circular economy. One solution at a time, Rotajet are manufacturing machinery to for towards an efficient, greener planet.

Find out more about the Container washer here:

RJ-CW 9/25: Container Washer

Watch the machine in action on Rotajet’s Youtube Channel:

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