Container Washers

A Rotajet container washer can clean and decontaminate up to 500 pails and buckets in a single shift  with little supervision

Wash pails and buckets with the RJ-CW range

Our container washers are generally used for decontamination, this allows the washed pails and buckets to be reused or safely disposed of in accordance with local regulations. 

In general, the pail washing and bucket washing machines use water-based detergents to remove any contaminants such as foodstuffs or chemical residues. Depending on your application, the machines can either be heated or run at ambient temperature during their operation. 

The Rotajet batch pail washers and bucket washers are available in various sizes, from washing one container per batch up to 12 x 25 litre open top containersper batch. Each machine is offered with up to three stages to ensure the vessel has been completely cleaned. Washers are available with single stage wash, two-stage wash and rinse or three stage wash, rinse and final rinse.

Rotajet fit the machines with integral sumps which contain the washing and rinsing cleaning liquids, these sumps are fitted with coarse and fine filtration that prolongs the operating life of the working solutions. 

The Rotajet pail washers and bucket washers are fitted with high pressure rotating spray nozzles that give total cleaning coverage within the drum or barrel ensuring the containers are completely clean.

ATEX  pail and bucket washers
Companies wishing to use a solvent for cleaning pails and buckets, we have a dedicated website that covers the ATEX washers and explosion proof washers.

Please visit:-

pail washer with clean pails
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why buy a container washer from rotajet

Rotajet are the experts in the design and manufacture of cleaning and degreasing machinery. We’ve worked with some of the worlds biggest brands to create automated systems to recondition containers ready for reuse.